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Psychotherapy and Depth Therapy

After many years dedicated to studying abdominal, chest, heart and great vessels surgery, working next to internationally renowned professionals such as Prof. Cittadini and Prof. Marcelletti, my desire was to specialise in infantile sectors; thus, I worked for many years in intensive care and resuscitation, first aid and paediatric and neonatal emergency departments, both in Italy and abroad.

After this experience, I felt the need to explore the human mind under a clinical point of view by studying in detail the futuristic works of Prof. Eric R. Kandel, Prof. James Swartz and Prof. Thomas Jessell - of Columbia University –on the plasticity of the human brain.

My long studies on human and animal behaviour – in particular sharks, devilfish, wolves and primates – allowed me to learn about the incredible neuro-molecular mechanisms of human beings and of the aforementioned species.

In my courses held for many years in the Institute of Studies on Women – part of the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum of Rome – I studied in deep how the woman brain works in different fields, comparing it to that of man in order to understand fully its differences and potentials.

Nowadays, in my study, apart from all kinds of personal psychotherapy, there is a centre of excellence for couples in crisis – engaged, married or separated – which I have managed for years together with my staff - all highly qualified especially in the field of couples therapy – that have created a new method of treatment with very effective, fast and long-lasting results.

Among the individual pathologies I currently treat, there are phobias, panic attacks, underage and adult depression, kleptomanias, internet and porn addiction, affection and sexual dependence and all problems linked to sex.

My collaborators and I are always available to give lectures and hold courses both in Italy and abroad in order to divulge the results of my researches.


Where we are

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"Complementary Medicine Center Dolomiti Val Gardena"
Tel. 333/2266858
Via Rezia, 94
Ortisei (39046)

Quality at your service


My studio is open from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Our phone service - 06-64564182 – is managed by duly trained staff, capable of helping you for every need.


Coffee break

My kind assistants will welcome you with a nice hot coffee and a pleasant background music, or a fresh soft drink to enjoy in summertime.



If you need to get to my centre, there is also a dedicated transportation service – to be booked in advance – from/to all Rome’s main airports and stations.


Baby sitting

Mothers can also book a baby-sitting service – service to be booked in advance.



All my studio has air conditioning. The quality of the air is guaranteed by a special hygiene system service made by specialised companies.