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Pediatra a Roma: Prenota una visita medica

Paediatrics and Neonatology

Dedicated to parents...

Our paediatric and neonatal specialisation is the success story of our centre located in Via Baiamonti 4 (Prati district of Rome).

I have been in charge of Telefono Mamma® for about 20 years. This is a direct line between parents and paediatricians-neonatologists. This dedicated number (Telefono Mamma 06.98186518) answers from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm to all needs in the children’s sector.

We hold birth preparation courses, dietetics and weaning courses for babies under one year of age, special courses for unblocking airways and other courses regarding minors, especially for what concerns mental issues – including underage depression.


Dedicated to children...

Here below you can find some strips prepared by a famous international comics publishing house. I know you will recognise the drawings, but for advertising reasons, I cannot tell you the name of the publishing house …


Dear children,

as soon as you get to my centre you will be welcomed by my kind and qualified staff that will bring you into

a comfy and bright waiting room.


We care a lot about the hygiene of our rooms, floors, air conditioning filters, furnishings, etc.


You can ask our staff a nice biologic fruit juice… Your parents, instead, can choose among the many types of tea and coffee


I have seen babies and children growing up for many years. Today they are professional athletes or University students in many different fields.


I will give you a warm welcome and you can ask me anything you want about our visit so that we can all feel relaxed and at ease.



I’ll make you lie down on a bed and hear your heart, lungs and belly.



I will use my digital instruments to hear your breathing and heartbeat, then I will measure your blood pressure …


I’ll check your mouth and nose…


And your ears, explaining every time what I am going to do and giving you practical tips.

You will go on the scales, so that I can see your weight. I will measure your height and all your parameters, which will be memorised in order to be checked during the years.


I will check your skin, hair and nails to analyse your body in detail and make a careful assessment.

At the end of our meeting you will receive a prize, i.e. a great courage award that you can put in a frame in your room and show to your friends.


The courage award is something very rare that only truly brave lions and lionesses can have!


Come on, have no fear, I am waiting for you to start our adventure!


Dear parents,

every week we organise courses of emotional literacy for couples, made to simplify family relationships and help you communicate with your children.


We also organise courses for couples with relationship difficulties; nutrition, vaccination, child welfare and first aid information.


For further information, call Telefono Mamma ® 0698186518 – Mum’s phone - (dedicated number)


Why did I think about these drawings? Because I believe children need to be prepared before meeting a professional doctor, and I think one should explain every step in a relaxed and funny way.

In my paediatric visits, I use state-of-the-art tools for medical technology: wireless digital phonendoscopes; optical fibre otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes; digital sphygmomanometers and software produced by the best international companies.

Where we are

- - -

"Complementary Medicine Center Dolomiti Val Gardena"
Tel. 333/2266858
Via Rezia, 94
Ortisei (39046)

Quality at your service


My studio is open from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Our phone service - 06-64564182 – is managed by duly trained staff, capable of helping you for every need.


Coffee break

My kind assistants will welcome you with a nice hot coffee and a pleasant background music, or a fresh soft drink to enjoy in summertime.



If you need to get to my centre, there is also a dedicated transportation service – to be booked in advance – from/to all Rome’s main airports and stations.


Baby sitting

Mothers can also book a baby-sitting service – service to be booked in advance.



All my studio has air conditioning. The quality of the air is guaranteed by a special hygiene system service made by specialised companies.