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1981 was the year in which the World Health Organisation recognised the undisputed therapeutic power of acupuncture. At the time, I was beginning a study on the movement of electrons in the body and the conduction of nerve impulses.

After having studied in deep many researches at cellular and extracellular level with the help of neuroimaging assessments on the emission of brain positrons and the onset of thoughts in the brain, I became convinced of the importance of the so-called complementary medicine, and in particular about acupuncture, moxibustion and stable field magnetotherapy. Thus, I specialised in the use of two minerals: neodymium and copper.

The two authors that have spread the interest towards acupuncture were the Servant of God, Gesuit Father Matteo Ricci, that spread in the western world the acupuncture technique of the ‘fire needle’, and the Frenchman George Soulié de Morant who gave an amazing contribution to the wide spreading of acupuncture in the western world.

In many respects, these complementary disciplines are fields that require further exploration and high-level research.

For further clarifications, visit the website www.agopunturaemedicinanaturale.it that will be active from mid-November.

Where we are

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"Complementary Medicine Center Dolomiti Val Gardena"
Tel. 333/2266858
Via Rezia, 94
Ortisei (39046)

Quality at your service


My studio is open from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Our phone service - 06-64564182 – is managed by duly trained staff, capable of helping you for every need.


Coffee break

My kind assistants will welcome you with a nice hot coffee and a pleasant background music, or a fresh soft drink to enjoy in summertime.



If you need to get to my centre, there is also a dedicated transportation service – to be booked in advance – from/to all Rome’s main airports and stations.


Baby sitting

Mothers can also book a baby-sitting service – service to be booked in advance.



All my studio has air conditioning. The quality of the air is guaranteed by a special hygiene system service made by specialised companies.